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Competition Rules

Hide & Seek Competition

The Albee Virtuosa hide & seek game is played by the members of our social networks and gives them the opportunity to win discount codes for use on the Albee Virtuosa website.

Discount codes that are offered are for use by the winner only and cannot be transferred.

What You Have to do to Win

Each competition will be announced on the Albee Virtuosa social media pages (normally Facebook & Twitter)

The Hide & Seek competition involves the user (and eventual winner) fin ding the picture shown in the competition announcment which is hidden on any of the Albee Virtuosa digital areas.  These include thewebsite found at  The Facebook page found at

The winner will be the first person to find the hidden image and post the location via a picture on the Facebook page or Twitter timeline.  The first person to post is picked based on the earliest post time after the competition announcement.

1. The winning post must an image which shows the location of the hidden image

2. The winner must already like the Facebook page or follow Albee Virtuosa on twitter.

3. The winner can only win 1 discount code and will not be considered for further competitions there after.

The Prizes

Discount codes for use with the Albee Virtuosa Pro Styler in White.  Purchased only through website commerce store.

Maximum value discount is £40.  Code value will be advertised on the social media network prior to each competition.

Codes can be withdrawn at any time without notice.


Other competitions will be announced and rules ill be different.